With the launch of their very first ship, Avalon's inspired design innovations became the new standard, including the introduction of floor-to-ceiling windows and French balconies on two decks of every Avalon vessel. They have developed a Silent Drive System (SDS) for the stern of each ship to ensure our travelers the most quiet cruise experience possible. and were also the first to bring a larger stateroom with deluxe hotel-style amenities to an entire fleet. And, we elevated interior design from classic and traditional to contemporary and bright.

Avalon's inspired, 360-degree, engaging cruise experiences afford travelers the chance to immerse themselves into a destination and culture thanks to award-winning land programs and world-class guides.  Egyptologists (along the Nile), Naturalists (in the Galápagos), Cruise Directors (in Europe, Southeast Asia, and China) and special guest lecturers also offer them a vast onboard educational program, giving cruisers the chance to soak in the history and culture of a region as they drift from village to village or island to island.






Azamara is the new, deluxe cruise experience for discerning travelers who long to reach out-of-the-ordinary destinations and indulge in amenities and service unparalleled on the high seas.

The unique offerings of Azamara are beyond compare: butler service is provided in every stateroom; our shore excursions (we prefer to call them shore immersions), are designed to let guests become part of the fabric of life in each destination, instead of merely being an observer; our enrichment programs offer everything from culinary to photographic explorations; our two specialty restaurants provide the finest cuisine at sea; live entertainment can be enjoyed nightly; and the level of service offered is unmatched.

You may be wondering where the name Azamara comes from. Azamara is a coined term derived from the Romance languages. This includes the more obvious links to blue (az) and the sea (mar). The name was also inspired by a star, Acamar.

In Classical times, the star Acamar was the most southerly bright star that could be seen from the latitude of Greece. We think of Azamara Cruises as a star on the blue sea. We love the flowing name that conjures up the imagery of magnificent journeys around the world. And we look forward to sharing these voyages with our guests.




Celebrity Cruises was founded in 1989 with the objective of fulfilling the travel industry's need for a high-quality, premium cruise product at an intelligent price. The company was determined to set a new, worldwide standard for cruising, and to create a distinctive expression of superior quality, grand style, attentive service, spacious accommodations, and exceptional cuisine.

Believing that the dining experience is an essential part of a quality cruise vacation, Celebrity custom-built galleys to create the finest gourmet cuisine at sea, preparing everything from scratch, using only the finest, freshest ingredients. Celebrity established then, and maintains today, a vital relationship with renowned Master Chef Michel Roux, who has served as the line's revered culinary and wine consultant since its founding. Roux designs the line's menus and culinary program, and supervises training of the fleet's executive restaurant staff. His award-winning culinary expertise and contributions quickly established Celebrity as a leader in offering guests an extraordinary dining experience at sea.

The first ships introduced to the Celebrity fleet - Horizon and Zenith - successfully combined contemporary design elements with the elegant icons of traditional cruising. The next generation of Celebrity ships, the Century-class - Century, Galaxy and Mercury - reinforced the line's reputation for integrating high style, spacious interiors, attention to detail, and a commitment to innovative technological applications to enhance guest convenience, comfort, recreation and safety





Disney Cruise Lines, Once upon a time (what better way to start a review of Disney Cruise Lines?) there was a small but mightily innovative cruise line called Premier that came up with a very good idea. Painting a small, former ocean liner red and calling it the "Big Red Boat," Premier Cruises added the magic ingredient to its cruise line in the form of the "Magic Kingdom."

Positioning this little Big Red Boat at Port Canaveral, as close to Disney World in Orlando as possible, Premier packaged 3 & 4-day cruises on the Big Red Boat with 4 & 3-day stays in Disney World. Their ships catered to children, with lots of life-size cartoon figures (actually people in costumes, but don't tell...) walking around. Although Premier ran the Big Red Boat quite successfully for several years, eventually Disney Corp. saw something good there, especially as the cruise business went from being a tiny portion of the vacation market to something the majority of Americans said they wanted to try someday. And so Disney entered the cruise business with the 1998 launching of the Art Deco-themed Disney Magic, a sleekly beautiful vessel reminiscent of the transatlantic steamship era. Needless to say, they didn't ask permission from the Big Red Boat to do this, and also needless to say, Premier Cruises (even with four other fairly popular small ships) was bankrupt within a few years.

At first, the reaction to Disney entering the market from established cruise lines was fear, after all, Disney is an entertainment juggernaut. However, as the Disney plans became more visible, a modest two ships, both of them sailing short 3 or 4-day cruises out of Port Canaveral, the other cruise lines came to see the entrance of Disney to the market as a good thing - legitimizing the cruise vacation for families and bringing lots of attention to the idea of cruising as a vacation alternative. As it turns out, the established cruise lines were very smart and accurate in their predictions, as today Disney Cruise Lines hardly competes with the older cruise lines at all. Disney draws the vast majority of its passengers from the ranks of Disney lovers, not from other cruise lines. In fact, the vast majority of Disney cruisers have never been on any other cruise ship before. At the same time, people who started out with Disney for researching a cruise, soon found that other cruise lines actually rate higher for kids, and definitely the adults who bring them, as a cruise experience, and often at a much lower price.

Nevertheless, Disney Cruise Lines has thrived, even though their cruise fares range 1/3 higher than comparable ships, because of people who love all things Disney





Consistently named the "Best Overall Cruise Value" by members of the World Ocean & Cruise Liner Society, Holland America is a traditional line that attracts people who love the low-key, refined service of yesteryear. Sailing the world, Holland delivers consistent quality highlighted by larger cabins and the company's "no tipping required" policy.

Holland's arty, colorful ships are destinations in themselves, with hallmarks being gourmet cuisine created by the master chef Reiner Greubel, a "University at Sea" programme and Steiner's Spa. Wine tastings, fitness workouts, art tours and cybercafes appease passengers with the most diverse interests. One of Holland America's fortes is that of a theme-cruise expert.





"The Finest Italian Hospitality Afloat"

To us, that means the caring, personal attention of an authentic Italian crew. MSC Italian Cruises' staff is on-hand to provide guests with the highest level of service. From a nightly turn-down service to a late-night snack delivered to your private room, no detail is too trivial for your comfort. The Mediterranean is more than just a destination for MSC Italian Cruises, it's our home. That's why we know its ports of call and their famous and secret attractions so well. Both off and onboard, we take great pride in our distinct Italian style. While we offer luxurious modern amenities, we have remained true to our past by maintaining our unique personality. For our guests, that means an authentic service and ambiance that will make you want to return time and time again. If an elegant and refined atmosphere fits your definition of timeless bliss, MSC Italian Cruises will transform your idea of cruising.

Let us show you our homeland!





Norwegian’s well-designed, mid-sized ships sail under the “Freestyle Cruising” concept, which offers a more relaxed, resort-style cruise with greater flexibility and high standard, non-intrusive service. NCL has more than 100 cruise itineraries, ranging from three to 23 days across the globe. Its ships appeals to those seeking a good value on a midrange cruise.

A service charge of $10 per person, per day will be added to your onboard account. For children ages 3-12, a $5 per person per day charge will be added to your onboard account; there is no charge for children under the age of three. This is a fixed service charge and is not adjustable unless, in the unlikely event that Norwegian Cruise Lines cannot satisfactorily resolve the issue through their guest satisfaction program, guests will be able to adjust the service charge according to the level of inconvenience they feel they have experience.





Princess, which sails to more worldwide cruise destinations than any other major line, ranks as one of the top cruise lines in the mass market. Comparable in size to other recently built vessels, its ships carry significantly fewer passengers. A classy but not pretentious ambiance resonates throughout all its vessels, including the original “Love Boat.”

The line emphasizes an individualized, unstructured style of cruising that provides “what you want, when you want.” This customized cruising means “Personal Choice” dining, flexible entertainment and affordable private balconies. Its newest ships all feature a stunning central atrium, a multimillion-dollar art collection and a tasteful and refined décor.





Royal Caribbean Cruise is known for its beautiful fleet of 20 ships, Royal Caribbean incorporates a variety of innovative features, such as an ice skating rink, a rock climbing wall and miniature golf. Described as “mass with class”, the line caters to honeymooners, families and first time cruisers like, Its ships sail to more than 125 destinations worldwide on itineraries ranging from 3 to 14 nights.

Romantic glass-enclosed lounges, a ShipShape Fitness Program, an Adventure Ocean youth programme and Broadway- and Vegas-inspired revues attest to Royal’s commitment to excellence. Upscale, yet moderately priced and void of stuffiness, each vessel treats cruisers to an energizing experience.





When it comes to river cruising, Viking River Cruises is the world leader. From Europe to Russia and Ukraine, from Asia to Egypt, we offer cruises that allow you to fully experience the wonders each region has to offer. Discover the Far East with a fascinating cruisetour along the Yangtze River or Mekong River. Take in the European countryside along the Danube, Rhine, Seine or Elbe. River cruises are a great way to explore new places or see a new side of a familiar destination. And a river cruise offers unrivaled convenience—unpack once in your deluxe stateroom, relax and enjoy everything the journey has to offer. All-inclusive pricing, comfortable deluxe accommodations, intimate ships, delicious cuisine, daily guided shore excursions, exemplary service all add up to an unforgettable vacation.